Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chestnut Hill: Making Strides

This is a lovely series that follows Malory O'Neil as she charts her course through the exclusive and rarified world of boarding school--boarding school with a top-notch equestrian program. You can bet that schoolwork comes in a distance second to barnwork! These books are a nice starting point for girls ready to graduate from the formulaic "Saddle Club" series but still want horsey literature. Lauren Brooke (who also authors the "Heartland" series) clearly knows her way around a horse and the books ring true. Brooke is not an author who simply did some research to lend credence to her tales. She truly understands horses and the girls who love them--- the boys in these book take a distinct backseat to horses and friendship. These books are head and shoulders above much of what is available to "'tweens".---Rhiannon

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