Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

“I don’t want to/because boys/don't’ write poetry/Girls do” writes Jack, a student struggling to understand poetry in Miss Stretchberry’s class. He is encouraged to write about a pet but doesn’t have one. When he finally gets a dog, Sky, he finds inspiration to try concrete poems. Now, Jack feels his poem is good enough to bear his name when it's posted on the class bulletin board. Over the course of a school year Jack goes from wrestling with poetry to becoming Mr. Walter Dean Myers’ number one fan, composing a poem Love That Dog after Myers’ poem Love That Boy.
Love That Dog is humorous and sometimes sentimental, written in free verse from Jack's perspective. The novel has won several awards: 2001 SLJ Best Book and 2002 ALA Notable Children’s Book. ~Califia

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