Friday, December 15, 2006

Octagon Magic by Andre Norton

Octagon Magic was one of my favorites as a child. It is about an eleven year old girl, Lorrie Mallard, who was forced to move from Canada to live with her Aunt in the US. Her new classmates tease her, calling her Cannuck because she is from Canada. One day while she is running home to escape her tormentors she finds herself at Octagon House. All the kids say Miss Ashemeade is a witch but Lorrie soon discovers there is much more to Octagon House than anyone realized. A wonderful addition to your fantasy collection.

Andre Norton has writen hundred of books since the beginning of her career in the early 1930's. She is one of the most popular science fiction and fantasy writers the world over. There is a timelessness about her books that make them enjoyable to this day. Till her death in 2005 Ms. Norton continued to write. Octagon Magic was originally published in 1967. It has recently been re-released together with five other books that Ms. Norton wrote for children, ages 9 to 12. They are refered to as The Magic Books. ~Beag
  1. Octagon Magic
  2. Steel Magic
  3. Fur Magic
  4. Dragon Magic
  5. Lavendar-Green Magic
  6. Red Hart Magic

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