Friday, January 12, 2007

Free Baseball

School Library Journal reviewed this book as, "An engaging, well-written story with a satisfying ending." I think a lot of kids might agree. As an adult and a mom, though, I am a little hesitant to praise a book in which a kid runs away with a minor league baseball team by hiding in the luggage compartment of their bus, lies to everyone so he can be batboy for a couple of days, and, in doing so, saves the day for his single mom. Call me a party pooper, if you wish. I just thought that the so-called "satisfying ending" was very predictable and a bit unrealistic. I was happy to learn a little more about baseball so I can have somewhat of a clue before World Series talk starts... Still, I guess I just have to admit that I cannot always relate to the reading tastes of all kids! Nevertheless, kids who like baseball might want to give this one a try. -Hestia

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